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Astro-Web Telescopes and Software Telescopes
AIPS The AIPS Cookbook
AIPS Memos
Anglo-Australian Observatory AAO Observing Information
Asiago Observatory Asiago Observatory Home Page
Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy AURA Home Page
Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Observing Information
Dominion Astrophysical Observatory Facilities
European Southern Observatory ESO Observing Facilities
La Silla Web Site
European VLBI European VLBI Network Home Page
EVN Users' Guide
FITS Software too manipulate Fits files FTOOLS
Giant Magellan Telescope GMT Homepage
IDL The IDL Astronomy User's Library
Infrared Telescope Facility Facility Instruments
Observer's Manual
Institut de Radio Astronomie Millimetrique Observing with the 30m Telescope
IRAF Documentation -- Recommended.Includes beginners' guide, cookbooks, programming guides, and other useful documentation.
IRAF Newsletters
IRAF Project Home Page
Observers' Guide to Taking CCD Data with ICE using IRAF
James Clerk Maxwell Telescope Observing at JCMT
James Webb Space Telescope James Webb Space Telescope.Includes telescope design
LINUX Linux for Astronomy. Linux CD-ROMs are available in PLSO
National Optical Astronomy Observatories Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory:
CTIO Home Page
Facilities Manual
Kitt Peak .National Observatory:
Telescope and Instrument Documentation
Users' Handbook for Kitt Peak National Observatory and the National Solar Observatory
National Radio Astronomy Observatory Very Large Array:
Home Page
Observational Status Summary
Very Long Baseline Array:
Home Page
Royal Observatory, Edinburgh U.K. Infrared Telescope Unit:
UKIRT Home Page
U.K. Schmidt Telescope Unit:
UKSTU Home Page
South African Astronomical Observatory Facilities
Space Telescope Science Institute HST Data Handbook
Spitzer Spitzer Science Center